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Hijabi Friendly Salon

For Many Muslim women who choose to wear a Hijab it is difficult to find a Hijab Friendly Hairdresser with safe place to sit long enough and get your hair done in privacy The Place Hair and Beauty understands this and is supporting of this.


Private Hair and Beauty Areas

We are a new and Hijab Friendly Salon in the Bolton Town Centre. We have a Hairdressing Section with a curtain so you can enjoy your whole appointment behind the curtain in privacy. We also have private waxing rooms for you to enjoy and relax while getting pampered.

We Understand your requirements

Finding a hijab friendly salon where you can relax and enjoy being pampered is now a thing of the past for Bolton Muslim women. We offer Hair cuts, Blow Dry's, Colouring, Waxing, Facials, Massage; Everything a woman should be able to do in privacy, without judgement where you feel comfortable. We will ensure your modesty is protected at all times, no matter what.

Applying Makeup
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